Saturday, September 3, 2016

Working For A Living

I apologize for not coming up with a more creative Friday Night Music option for your listening this weekend, but it is Labor Day Weekend, which is meant to celebrate the labor movement in America.

While I have been in labor and led a labor "association" (the International Association of Firefighters, Local 3474, this song seems to make sense this weekend.  What is not to like about good old fashioned rock and roll and a spirit of I take what they give because ultimately I am working for a living.  There is also though an underlying strength to that message that I can withstand because I am standing for my family too.

Ultimately I have never lived in an era where the worker was subjected to the horrors of the American industrial expansion that brought about the great strength of the labor movement in the early 20th century so I get to just enjoy the music.  Happy Friday.


  1. Hi Chris!!

    Quick couple of questions- would you consider yourself more of a Huey Lewis expert than an actual "working for a living" expert? It would seem that you're not so good at the second. . .

    Does your emergency medical expertise include field STD testing? Your wife might appreciate some consulting in this area.

    Regarding your Star Wars reference in the NYT op-ed, you might not be rooting for Darth Vader, but I'd bet that if you had his knowledge of the Force, you might not have had to shell out for the affair guarantee. Something tells me you wouldn't be opposed to a side piece that know's her Force Choke. . . When it comes to marriage vows, you're definitely part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor.

    Please know that many of us consider your Electoral College "conscientious objection", should you go through with it, to be a violation of our franchise and a grave betrayal. Short of Mr. Trump being indicted for a crime subsequent to the election or a legally credible belief that he intends to use the office of the Presidency for treasonous actions, your opinions on the matter are irrelevant. In the absence of an opportunity for every popular voter in your represented territory to argue in defense of their voting rationale or equivalent due process, you are trampling on the rights of Americans more directly than Mr. Trump can as president. Maybe "cheating on" the voters is a metaphor you'll better understand.

    Rest assured that we will discover any impropriety on your part in this matter. Based on the facts of your compromised personal and financial positions, it is very likely that you are receiving some sort of undue benefit or have otherwise become ensnared in a blackmail plot leading you to betray your obligations. We will find out and will loudly and unceasingly demand that you be punished to the fullest possible extent of the law.

    Say Hi to Van Jones for me!!