Saturday, September 3, 2016

Bernie Sanders Supporters: Robin Hood And His Merry Men

I was out and about Friday afternoon when I happened upon a Lexus sedan in a parking space near me.  Normally I would not pay it any mind, but it was sitting in the 5300 block of Mockingbird Lane, near Southern Methodist University, in Dallas and it had a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker on it.  What's the big deal you ask?

Well for me, who drives an overpriced Toyota who also supports Bernie?  Seems like if you want to support the poor you drive a more practical, and inexpensive, car and donate those excess payments to those same poor you would prefer, by political position, to be helped via government assistance that does not work.

For me the Lexus makes no sense anyway.  It is an overpriced Toyota with few discernible differences, particularly when we talk about the important part - the engines.  While this is America and you are allowed to buy the car of your choice why would you pay extra for cosmetic differences, a good salesman, or just a name?  Are you so vain that you need to drive a Lexus instead of a Toyota?  I shudder to think how you might consider a simple Chevy.  The point should be clear: why pay an extra $5000 for a name?  Is your ego that fragile?  Are you really that needy you have to compare yourself to the Joneses and your status symbol is your vehicle?

The other point though is this driver has a Bernie supporter somewhere in the family.  I do not think of Senator Sanders as a bad man, just misguided.  Why would he encourage others to pay more in taxes when I have yet to see him cut a check to the US Treasury?

Sanders was a huge supporter of the Affordable Care Act, a law which was forced through without any bipartisan votes, and which now we read about daily as insurance company after insurance company runs from the healthcare exchanges created by the law.  They created a monster thinking you could force people to buy junk so that you could provide new junk to those who wanted someone else to pay for it.  Instead there are fewer people buying healthcare through the Affordable Care Act than was ever predicted and you have to consider the law a failure.

If we took the same model of law and applied it to automobiles I doubt the Lexus would even be available or it would be much costlier than it already is for the same product and that is the real rub.  If you want to pay extra for your car or healthcare you should be able to, but the person who pays extra for his car also wants me to pay extra for things I do not want or need and that is a problem.  I have no problem driving a twelve year old car I got for a bargain and paid cash for.  I do not expect anyone to outline my car choices for me, but I want that same market freedom in healthcare too.  Somehow I doubt the guy driving a Lexus in a tony Dallas neighborhood feels the same way, except when it applies to his car, house, etc.  Do as I say, not as I do seems to be the mantra, but in this case Robin Hood is taking from the poor and providing for no one.

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  1. You are a liar and jerk. You should be ashamed of yourself. At least Trump never misrepresented what HE did on 9/11. It must feel really good to know how you "helped" on 9/11. What did you do, call your mother and ask if she was ok? I helped too then. Shame on you! Many people lied about 9/11 and you are one of them. Your role as an Elector was based on this lie. The ghosts of the dead on 9/11 should haunt you forever. Shame shame shame shame