Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Perfect Attendance

Today holds two important anniversaries for Baltimore Orioles fans.

First, twenty-one years ago Cal Ripken Jr. broke the unbreakable, surpassing Lou Gehrig's consecutive games streak and establishing a new record of 2131 consecutive games played.  His detractors claim it is this streak that got Ripken into the Hall of Fame, but an important discussion  should take place about his position as a baseball player and as an employee.

Now and then there are stories of high school kids who attend every day of school for all four years of their academic career.  They are congratulated and it is usually noted they are good students.  Similarly, employees are congratulated and sometimes awarded when they do not call in sick.  I know of at least one employer in my home town that provides extra vacation days the following year if no sick time is used during the preceding twelve months.

This is important because he didn't show up for every game in a single season, but he did it for thirteen seasons to earn the record and ultimately showed up for work, ready to go, for more than sixteen seasons.  When you consider the grind that baseball is, day in and day out, two or three or four seasons would be a big deal, but he quadrupled that is The Streak.

For me, this is an amazing accomplishment and we should honor his commitment to both his craft and the game.  For those who complain when someone else calls out sick to work you should keep today in your mind and consider the kind of team mate Ripken was and his accomplishment as the ultimate every day player.

The second accomplishment deserves its own post and is coming shortly.


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