Friday, September 2, 2016


There are days when everything seems like it is going perfect.  Almost.

On the anniversary of Milt Pappas' near Perfect Game I wonder how often we are appreciative of our almost perfect days.

For baseball aficionados, Pappas had a Perfect Game through 8 2/3 innings.  One hitter away when ball four was called.  Twenty-six up, twenty-six down is hardly a bad day and I can sense a little bit of longing in the post game interview with Pappas, but I also sense his knowledge of his accomplishment nonetheless to catch a No-No.  Let's face it Perfect Games are hard because they require not only a pitcher having his best day, but usually his defense to be doing the same, and maybe guys on the other side who are not tuned in too.  It is hard to do.  That's why there have been less than thirty perfectos since the game began, but No Hitters deserve their own light as well.

Life isn't perfect and when things are going for people I wonder if they realize at the time how well things are going.  It seems Mr. Pappas knew how well he did thirty-four years ago today.  I hope we appreciate our own accomplishments today and this weekend without thinking what might have been.  Strive to be better with your work, but find some joy in the journey to get there and the success you enjoyed today.

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